Education – A brighter future for the next generation

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A Brighter Future for the Next Generation

  • Fight for all students, regardless of income, to have access to basic broadband and internet
  • Improve and maximize educational opportunities for all students and advocate for school choice to ensure our students receive the very best education possible
  • Speak out against radical curriculum changes like Critical Race Theory that seek to divide, not unite, our students, and replace core curriculums with political indoctrination

As someone who grew up in a broken home in an underprivileged community, I had to fight for everything I have and I know the value of an education and the doors it can open for Americans regardless of income, race, or background. I also know that what we teach our children in schools has massive impacts on their behavior, actions, and success growing up. I am wholeheartedly opposed to the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT), and in Congress I would fight any attempt to implement it in our classrooms. This is nothing more than a ploy by the Left to divide us, not unite us. They would rather teach our children CRT than STEM disciplines.