Immigration – Secure borders for a secure Orange County

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Secure Borders for a Secure Orange County

  • Fully fund and empower ICE and other border patrol agencies to stop illegal immigrants before they cross our borders
  • Build a physical and virtual wall on our southern border
  • Fix the loopholes that allow illegal immigrants to come to our country and stay either in detention camps or until their release

Above all else, America is great because we are a nation of laws. It is those very laws and our very Constitution that led me to serve our nation in Afghanistan, and the same ones that make me believe in our nation to this day. Simply put, if you do not have borders, you are not a nation. And while I feel horribly for those who feel they must flee their home nation for a better life in America, there must be a process in place for them to come here LEGALLY like my wife did from war-torn Lebanon in the 1990’s. It took her SIXTEEN YEARS to become a US Citizen and amnesty is not fair to those who wait their turn to do it the legal way.