Law & Order – Keeping Orange County Families Safe

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Keeping Orange County Families Safe

  • Fight against “defund the police” rhetoric and legislation at every turn
  • Ensure law enforcement has the resources they need to keep us safe
  • Work toward police reform legislation that does not hamstring the police, yet is effective at keeping our communities safe

Crime rates are skyrocketing both locally and nationally. Democrats like Katie Porter calling to “Defund the Police” have shaken our police force and pushed many of our fine men and woman in blue to retire. Our Sheriff’s deputies right here in Orange County are dealing with an influx of drugs from across the border and facing spending cuts from their narcotics department.

When did we start having to apologize to be patriotic? I volunteered to serve in combat in Afghanistan, and I am willing to sacrifice everything for our great nation. I served because I fully believe in American exceptionalism and our Constitution, and it breaks my heart to see so many people seeking to divide us and tear down our institutions here at home. Far too often, those who call to “Defund the Police” have no understanding of what it’s actually like to grow up in a dangerous neighborhood riddled by drugs, gang violence, and crime. I’ve lived that life – it’s all I knew growing up. I will always stand with our men and women in blue. Defunding and attacking the police as our enemy is absolutely not the answer to keeping us safe.